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Why would you need a Ventura County Jail Bail Bondsman?

When a person is arrested in Ventura County they are detained and booked with the local Ventura Police Department or Sheriff's Station. The booking process includes fingerprinting, photographing, and search county and federal data base for previous arrest and outstanding warrants.

If detainee is not bailed out using a Ventura County Bail Bonds form a local jail. He or she will be transferred to the Main Ventura County Jail. The Ventura County jail is the largest jail in Ventura County, it holds pre-trial detainees and male and female for all over Ventura County. Due to its size it can take about 6-12 hours to process inmates into the computer system. Even after the Ventura County Bail Bonds are posted, it often takes another 4-10 hours to have the detainees released from Ventura County Jail.

Therefore, Bail Unit Bail Bonds Ventura County Jail strongly urges you to begin the Ventura County Bail Bonds process immediately, as this will significantly shorten the time it takes to get the detainee out of jail. Call us now at (805) 861-2380 and get your loved one out of jail now!

Ventura County Jail

The Ventura County Jail Pre-Trial Detention Facility opened in 1980 and can hold about 890 inmates at a time, both convicted and inmates awaiting trial. People arrested by any law enforcement agency in Ventura County are accepted in this facility or the East Valley Booking Facility together they process over 29,000 inmates every year. With a team over 250 employees that include deputies, intake & release specialist, medical staff, food service staff and clerical staff the Ventura County Jail keeps operating efficiently 24 hour, 7 days a week.

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Ventura, CA 93003

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